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3 Easy Tips for Improving your SMB Email Marketing

Despite the growing use of social media, ppc, sms marketing, or even webinars, email marketing is still more effective in bringing your business new customers. A recent study reported by Forbes shows that email now accounts for “almost 7 percent of customer acquisition.” To take full advantage of this powerful marketing channel, follow these tips.

  • Keep it real. Even in these days of digital communications, people are more likely to respond to communications from other people rather than machines. So put a person’s name and company in the email address. Your recipient is more likely to open something from “” rather than “” And make sure your address is real. A person may respond to your offer by simply clicking the Reply button on her reader. If she gets an error message, she may add your address to her spam list.
  • Make it personal. Customize your message to your recipient by looking at his browsing habits on your website. Did he just buy stationery on your website? Then recommend envelopes to go with them. Is he using a Mac browser like Safari? Then eliminate any mention of Windows. Personalizing your email can increase both click-through and conversion rates.
  • Format for mobile. Your recipients are more likely to be viewing their emails on mobile devices, such as an iPhone, which only has a resolution of 480 by 320, including the status bar. If you format your email to fit the typical 1024 by 768 resolution of a desktop, it won’t be readable on a smartphone. At the very least, shrink the width of your message so it fits on the smaller screen. While you’re at it, add descriptive text for any pictures — many mobile phone users may disable images.

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