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3 Ideas for Local Marketing For Small Business

Local marketing for small business doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Building relationships with other businesses, helping customers get a better understanding of the local business landscape and participating in large promotions that highlight small businesses are 3 ways to market locally with very little expense.

Cross Promotion With Other Local Businesses

Have you ever dropped a business card in a fish bowl in hopes of winning a free lunch? This is just one example of how a restaurant can easily promote their business while making contact with local patrons. Take that idea a step further and build a cross promotion with another business to reach new prospects.

For example a local bakery may want to work with a local photographer to promote their wedding services. Both businesses can contact their customer lists with the promotion as well as advertise it locally. This will not only expand the number of people who see the promotion, it may generate additional clients because they are getting a great deal on services they will need anyway.

This type of promotion can be used over and over again with a wide variety of businesses.

Help Customers Understand The Local Marketplace

A great example of this is when someone who purchases maternity clothes is looking for baby items too. If the clerk in the maternity store is able to give recommendations on the best places to look that customer is going to tell other people about that experience.

Understanding the local businesses and being able to make recommendations is a great way to get word of mouth marketing. This can also mean competitors. If you don’t happen to have what the customer wants, but you know who does it can make a big impression to help the customer find that item.

Participate in Large Promotions

Small business Saturday is one example of a large promotion that any small business can utilize to market themselves. This annual promotion encourages consumers to use small, local businesses for their shopping.

This type of promotion can also be found more locally with a variety of organizations that focus on promotion of local businesses. Check with the Better Business Bureau, local tourism organizations and local Chamber of Commerce leaders to see what promotions are available.

These 3 ideas for local marketing for small business are just the start. For more help contact us.

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