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6 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Have a Content Marketing Strategy

Keeping your website, blog, or email content fresh and interesting can be resource intensive. There is no doubt that content marketing requires you to make an investment. You may have to commit time, if you write your own content, or cash, if you hire content writers. As a small business owner we wanted to take the guess work out of the content marketing investment comes to mind and share 6 reasons why Content Marketing can boost your bottom line.

1. Raises Your Online Profile:

Well-written content will increase your brand’s online visibility, enabling prospective customers to find your website more easily. SMBEngine is an expert in attracting the attention of search engines and human users alike. Online content should be optimized for search engine algorithms. By peppering your content with relevant keywords and creating relevant backlinks, you can ensure that your website is highly ranked in search engine results.

2. Encourages Sharing:

People love to share news and information. If your email content grabs readers’ attention and has a unique point of view, they will forward it on to like-minded friends who will appreciate it. You can also encourage social media sharing by adding “like” and “share” buttons beside your content. When your customers share your content, you gain the added advantage of your website being recommended to potential customers by someone they know and trust.

3. Builds a Relationship:

The information you provide in your content establishes your credibility as an expert in your field. By freely sharing this knowledge, you are providing your potential customers with something of value to them, with no obligation on their part. In doing this, your aim is to build a relationship which will encourage the customer to give you his business when he is ready to move on to make a purchase.

4. Creates a Community:

You can increase traffic to your website and build brand loyalty by making readers feel part of a community. If you generate engaging content on a regular basis, you will encourage users to return to your website time and again. Encourage users to leave comments at the end of articles to stimulate a two-way discussion.

5. Converts Interest to Sales:

When generating content for your website, you should never lose sight of your ultimate aim, which is to convert user interest into sales. Your content should always nudge readers towards purchasing your product, without being too obviously sales oriented. Because customers can quickly become familiar with the benefits of your products and services through your content marketing, it has the added benefit of shortening the sales cycle. Having read your authoritative content, customers will already have the confidence to place their business with you.

6. Links Complementary Products:

Content marketing can help you upsell and bundle products. By linking complementary products together in your content, you can highlight the combined benefits and gently encourage readers to purchase all the items listed in the article.

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