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Better Blogging for Small Business Marketing

If you have a website for small business marketing, you already know how effective blogging is for staying in touch with your customers and announcing your new products and services. If you don’t have a website or blog yet, you can write blog posts as a guest on other websites to attract customers to your business. Not only does blogging have a huge SEO benefit but it adds value to your organization. Rely on the following tips to make your efforts more effective.

Post regularly. Nothing is more frustrating to a user than subscribing to a blog full of useful information and then receiving no updates for weeks. Post at least once a week, or ideally, three times a week. A regular schedule prompts users to visit your website often just to see what new things you have to say.

Make it about the customer. While your Facebook friends may have been thrilled to learn that you bought a new dog or colored your hair, your business audience doesn’t really care that you bought a new copy machine or rearranged your office layout. Make your postings solely about your customer’s concerns and how your business can help him or her with its products and services.

Keep it concise. Like you, your customers are busy people who have taken time out of their day to absorb what you have impart. Make your posts no longer than 250 to 300 words for quick reading. If you must go on for 500 words or more, split your writing into two or more posts.

Enlighten with pictures. One way to keep your writing short is to use graphics whenever possible. Images break up pages of text and can quickly illustrate what would take many words to explain. The most attractive pictures are those featuring people – preferably, two or more in an obvious relationship, such as a husband and wife, or parents with their kids.

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