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Conversation: The Best Place To Invest Your Small Business Marketing Dollars

So you’ve developed a website to tell the world your business is up and running. Now what? Should you dive into a marketing campaign with such force it leaves heads spinning? Developing a good small business marketing plan is highly integral to the success of your company, but knowing where and how to invest your time and money is strategic to having on-going success.

One mistake small business entrepreneurs make at start-up is pouring their overall budget into automation and brand promotion that doesn’t focus within the perimeters of their locale. An over the top marketing campaign which fails to incorporate local search marketing could leave your customers feeling unnoticed and undervalued.

In today’s consumer driven economy, building a relationship through conversation with your customers is one of the least costly and most productive things you can invest in for your business. Following is some tried and true advice taken by other successful small businesses which are smart options to include in your marketing measures:

  • Offer your consumers a chance to engage with you and your brand, both on and offline.
  • Establish your customers’ needs by listening to their stories and experiences. Consider advice they may offer you which could help your business fulfill their needs and build a more relatable brand.
  • Continue to ask for customer feedback. Doing so not only helps you build and move your brand towards a growing customer base, but it gives your customers a vested interest in your business.
  • Don’t throw out the negative feedback! In fact, it is through those comments that businesses often learn their marketing efforts are focused on the wrong consumer base. Learning which ones are not appropriately aligned with your brand could save you from tossing your marketing money into the wind.
  • Once your customers have been heard, it’s important to sustain the relationships you’ve built with them. You can do this by reporting your progress, and show where you used their feedback to make positive and beneficial changes.

There is certainly nothing wrong with applying social media as part of your marketing campaign also, as long as your presence is targeting the right audience and leading them towards your brand. All in all, your marketing campaign is not necessarily how much money you spend, but how smartly you spend your money. For more ideas and other smart solutions for your small business, please contact us.

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