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Digital Branding: Is the Key to a Successful Online Brand All About Personalization?

When dealing with digital branding, you’re going to be setting a specific identity for yourself that you’ll have to live with for many years. The only time you’ll ever alter that would be if you had to re-brand your company due to certain circumstances like a business merger. Otherwise, you have to set your brand in stone in the digital world. What’s the most important aspect for that as new perceptions in business develop over the next decade?

If you go by the trend of customers preferring personalization in business, then you have a good starting point.

Nurturing Relationships on Social Media

The best place to start your digital branding is in building relationships with people in the social media world. This can be done by segmenting prospective customers through list building on Twitter or following people who use certain hashtags related to your business. Afterward, engaging in conversation with these people can slowly build to them becoming prospective customers.

You have to be careful with this procedure and not have your conversations come off as selling. Make your conversations progress naturally and only give sideline suggestions for visiting your website to see the products you sell.

Creating Personal Experiences On Your Website

While developing relationships on social media can help start the process of personalization with customers, you have to find ways to sustain that. In the online world, creating personal experiences on your website can help this along. You can also set your brand by using gamification on your site where customers learn about your business while also having fun. When you find ways to get customers involved in interacting with each other, you can bring double duty on digital branding and personalization.

Even better, you can make the personalization work better when you allow your customers to share information on a forum or their results after playing a game.

Video Interactions

A CEO of a company that posts regular video messages on a business’s main webpage can add a sense of personalization you didn’t used to see. When those videos talk about customers and even include mention of valued customers, you add a whole new layer to personalization. At the same time, it adds a new type of digital branding that’s only starting to grow. The use of video is becoming a very popular branding option for business, particularly in showing footage behind the scenes.

Being as transparent as possible in a business is both a good digital branding move and bringing a better relationship with customers. Consumers simply want to have close relationships with businesses they frequent. You won’t regret honoring that when they become loyal customers for life.

If you need to implement more digital branding that brings a sense of personalization with your customers, contact us here at SMB ENGINE. We’re a digital marketing firm out of New York that understands the business-customer relationship and how it can be nurtured with the right marketing techniques. We focus on first-time impressions, and we’ll help you get your business branding off on the right foot.

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