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Email Marketing Services from SMB ENGINE

Responsive DesignA good email marketing campaign promotes your message and presents readers with a compelling call to action. With the flood of spam messages out there, it is important to compose emails that will not get lost in the shuffle, but will rather stand out and result in a healthy return on your investment. SMB ENGINE offers uniquely created email marketing campaigns designed with your business in mind. The features of our email marketing services include:

[threecol_one]Responsive Email Marketing Design:

  • visually interesting
  • successfully delivers the same message on any size screen
  • simple and clean with a call to action
  • accessible in all browsers and all mobile devices

Email Copywriting:

  • unique email content that matches the tone and audience of your brand
  • direct readers to learn more
  • answer why, what, how questions
  • condense content to eliminate scrolling
  • focus on benefits, not features
  • emphasize a call to action
  • brief and efficient terminology
  • sell your sales and not just products
  • maximize brand recognition

[threecol_one]Creative Content:

  • specifically suited to your business

Email delivery:

  • ensure your emails go through without delay and are not returned

Email campaign strategy and consultation:

  • identify the target audience
  • determine best strategy to reach audience
  • fix the timing of email delivery

List Management (subscriber database washing):

  • clean your subscriber database of unusable information
  • optimize your database for effective use

[threecol_one_last]A/B testing and reporting:

  • two versions of the email to compare side-by-side popularity
  • analysis and reporting of the test results

List management:

  • SMB ENGINE software to manage your email lists

Landing page design, development, and hosting:

  • page dedicated to your email campaign
  • boosts conversion rates
  • specifically designed for your business
  • hosted by SMB ENGINE


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