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How to Get Your Website on the First Page of a Search Engine

You have finally designed and created your business website. Now all you have to do is get traffic and customers to view your website. Many other companies that provide the same services or goods as your business seem to be getting all the search engine traffic.

How do you get your business website on the first page of a search engine? How can you make sure that people surfing the Internet looking for your product or business finds your business website? It is not as hard as you may think to make sure your website posted at the top of a search engine’s list.

The first thing you need to do is tag each page of your website. Many website designers overlook the title of each page and just make a generic name for each page. The title of each page is considered its tag. Placing searchable keywords in the title of each page does more for your ranking by a top search engine than almost anything else you can do.

Remember to put a lot of searchable content on each page of your business website. Search engines do not search for images. Make sure that every image you put on a web page has a lot of searchable content surrounding the images. Always have more content on a  web page than images. A business website that is composed of mostly images will not get a high-ranking by a search engine.

Make your business website accessible. Coding your website for its accessibility simply means paying a lot of attention to the code you use for your website. You will find if you pay more attention to the website coding, your site will perform better when customers search for your product or service.

Scrutinize everything you write for your web pages. Common language or generic content will lead to poor rankings by a search engine. Make sure you pay a lot of attention to your linked content. The phrase “Click Here” is useless when it comes to linking pages together. Describe your linked pages and use the keywords that best describe your service or products. Everything on your website is valuable.

One of the best things you can do to improve your ranking on search engines is to understand your server traffic reports. If your business website is not being found or ranked high on these server traffic reports by the keywords you originally used, then you have to the content, keywords and descriptions.

Once you have found the right keywords, descriptions and content, your business website will get ranked higher by search engines. However, you must continue to change your content and review the reports to ensure that your site maintains that high-ranking.

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  1. Thanks for the article. I really believe that to save time on this SEO business, one including myself need to hire an SEO experts. Just my study and experience I have that I want o share continuing on you points are that that it is important to have the right long tail keywords for the site and make sure those keywords are on each page and title of the page. You are right about content is king. I found in helping clients and myself in using wordpress is much more google friendly. The quickest results I get on improving the rank is also to create many back links and writing many articles and submit them to and using pr websites have also helped a lot. Basically the more quality back links I have the better my results is.

  2. I agree, ever since google updated to Panda the old way of search engine optimization is just not going to cut it, these days its all about having the right content!

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