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Local Search Marketing: How to Get an SEO Boost From Your Photos

Local Search Marketing depends on a variety of factors and strategies. Most search engine marketers focus on keywords, engaging content, external link, and social media use. But what about file names of photos? Though search engine crawlers can’t (yet) interpret the content of your photo, they can categorize the URL, Title, Alt Text, description, size, and context. Photos are an easy way to boost your SEO, and they’re conversely an easily missed opportunity. Get in there and optimize your photos fro SEO using these 5 tips.

1. Title Your Photos – The file name of your photo matters. When you don’t rename your photos before uploading them, the image URL gets registered as something generic like “DNC12312” you’ll have lost an opportunity to improve your SEO. In order to get the most out of your photo, change the title to something descriptive, relevant, and helpful to your SEO needs. If you can title it using a keyword, terrific.

2. Use Alt Text – Alt text is the text that search engines take cues from when photos can’t or won’t load. This Alt Text is displayed as an alternative to the image itself, and they also help search engine crawlers categorize the file. Make sure to include Alt Text and to use descriptive, keyword rich language.

3. Shrink Your Photos – Search engines reward sites that load quickly with an SEO boost. Nothing slows down a site like bulky images that haven’t been resized to a reasonable level. Resize your images before uploading them and you’ll get the most out of them without compromising your site speed.

4. Delete Unused Photos – Unpublished photos that you’ve uploaded to the back end of your website are like dead weight. Clear out these unused photos. They aren’t helping you, and they’re weighing your website down. Eliminating these should speed you up as well.

5. Contextualize Your Files – Search engines can tell if the photo of you use on your website is irrelevant to your entry, your page, or your website. Use relevant photos, and make sure that the title, alt text, and description relate to the surrounding text, the page, and the titles and URLs of your domain. If you can get all of these to work together in concert, you should see a nice boost.

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