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4 Google Ad Tweaks To Optimize Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing AdsGenerating relevant leads within your local area and target demographic usually involves a combination of organic SEO, local search marketing, social media, and paid search campaigns like Google Adwords. Within this broad-based approach, there are a few easy tweaks you get make the most of your Google ad spend that will optimize your local search marketing campaigns. For the most part we recommend using Google Adwords Express but for those trying to get a little fancy this article is for you. Google Adwords can really be as sophisticated and targeted as you make them, depending on your time restraints. These 4 tricks will help you get the ball rolling towards optimal results for localizing your ads,  and it will only take only a few minutes, enjoy:

These 4 tweaks will help you get the ball rolling to optimize local search marketing results with Google Adwords, enjoy:

[info_list position=”left” style=”square no_bg” icon_border_style=”none” icon_border_size=”1″ border_color=”#333333″ connector_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#1e73be” font_size_icon=”14″][info_list_item list_title=”1. Adjust Bids According to Geography” icon_type=”selector” list_icon=”Defaults-circle-arrow-right”]

Allotting a greater percentage of your advertising budget to specific geographic areas is easy, free, and effective. Rather than increasing your budget, try spending it more wisely with regard to local business and commerce. To do so, go to the Settings tab of your campaign and click on Locations. Click through the states and cities and select the ones in which you’d like to focus your budget. You can increase this by whatever percent you’d like. Most people begin with a 10% increase, but if you’re focused exclusively on local business you might want to start even higher.

[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”2. Add a Location Extension” icon_type=”selector” list_icon=”Defaults-circle-arrow-right”]

Google Ads Extensions are great free features that make your ads bigger and more comprehensive. This is great because it provides more detail, but also because it dominates the field of view for the audience. Adding a location extension will bring up your location on Google maps on the righthand side of your ad. This is great for highlighting location and aligning yourself within the neighborhood businesses. To do so, click on the Ad Extensions tab, select Location in the View field, and create one or more locations for your business.

[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”3. Add a Call Extension” icon_type=”selector” list_icon=”Defaults-circle-arrow-right”]

Within the same field of options for Ad Extensions, you’ll find Call Extensions. This is simply a telephone number listing under your ad. This listing is great because it allows potential customers to get in touch with you directly, without ever clicking through to your website (or costing you any money for an ad click). If you’re very focused on local business, this will also give you an opportunity to show off you area code. Those looking for something close will recognize the area code and know immediately that you are local. Note: if the area code isn’t important, you can allow Google to provide a Google talk number that will trackable in their analytics.

[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”4. Language and Location Restrictions” icon_type=”selector” list_icon=”Defaults-circle-arrow-right”]

Under your settings tabs, be sure you are restricting your ads from being shown outside of your target city, region, or country. You should also make sure that your ads are only being shown to those who are using the internet in English (unless of course your website is not written in English). This is key to saving your advertising dollars for those for whom your ads are relevant.

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Local Search Marketing can greatly benefit from optimized Google Adwords accounts using the methods mentioned above and other strategies. Contact us to learn how we can manage all this for you.


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