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Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaigns For Better Results

Email campaigns take trial and error.  If something isn’t working like it supposed to, your company must figure out what’s wrong.  If you don’t, your unsubscribe count is only going to increase.

The A/B Test

The A/B test is a litmus test to see how well your email marketing campaigns are converting (working).  It will find the problem so you can figure out a solution.  Test everything; never assume you know what’s wrong.  Use the test in different ways.  It will pinpoint what is wrong so you can correct it.  It will also determine which email strategy produces the best results.  Optimizely is a great website example of A/B testing.  It can answer questions such as:

  • Is the newsletter tactic working?
  • Are you targeting the right people?
  • Does the audience understand the message?
  • Is the presentation eye catching?
  • Does the presentation work on all email providers?

Sometimes the answer is on the recipient’s end.  Their email should be able to detect blocked images or design.  It should give them a choice; do they want to unblock it to see the whole presentation or keep it blocked?  You can also have a web version of the newsletter.  Inform them to click on the web version if they can’t’ see the information through the email newsletter.

Another approach to hire an agency (like us) to handle the conversion optimization for your email marketing services. for   We can re-tweak your campaign strategy to make it better and effective.

Finally, here are some guidelines and best practices to follow when crafting your next email:

  • Focus on quality and good content.  Focus on personalizing each newsletter instead of making a one-size-fits-all to make the customer feel special.
  • Remove heavy video, audio, images and logos in the newsletter.  You can lose customers with information that takes too long to load.  Convert it to make it lighter or insert a link to the media on the website.
  • Never spam customers; allow them time to respond (if a response is necessary).
  • Finally give customers a choice to unsubscribe if they don’t want the newsletter.

Testing your email campaigns is the way to create results.  It takes time but its well worth it when it pays off.

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