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Professional Small Business Marketing Improves with These Google Tools

Professional Small Business Marketing has come a long way since Google opened the flood gates to the online world. If you’re not paying attention to the tools Google has provided, you’re missing out on one of the easiest insights into your customer’s online patterns. The best part about this list is that they are all free.

1. Google Adsense

Do you have a niche website for affiliate marketing, content development, or linking purposes that never quite worked out? Even if that site receives moderate amounts of traffic, you can still earn some revenue using Google AdSense. The ad code goes in the header, sidebar and content of the site and you’re done! You’ll earn passive income this way.

2. Google AdWords

Google AdWords will help you out with a paid search campaign. This is especially useful when you don’t feel you’re getting enough traction through organic searches. Bid on the right keywords to gain a higher amount of traffic. The conversions should meet or exceed the amount paid for your ads. Make sure you check out the advanced targeting options for mobile or laptop browsers, location, and other important criteria for your target audience.

3. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This is the place to come when you need keyword ideas for any SEO campaigns or search advertising. Enter a term with a wider range of ideas to receive keyword groupings which you can research further. The total of global searches isn’t always exact, but you will get an idea of the popularity of keywords side by side. The approximate CPC, or cost per click, is also available.

4. Google Alerts

When you need to know the latest news, who is mentioning your brand, or other actions pertaining to Google search, you need Google Alerts. Simply enter a search query to receive a results sample. You have the option to get these samples delivered to your email or RSS feed on a regular basis.

5. Google Analytics

This might be the most powerful tool on this list. As a marketer, you can learn a long list of information about the website’s visitors. You can see demographics, social engagement, mobile information, technology used to view the site, traffic sources, your best content, and what creates conversions, among other things.

6. Google Blogger

Do you want to start a blog, but you’re not ready to step into WordPress? No problem. Use Google’s free blog setup. It’s not self-hosted, so it’s 100% free. There have been some great improvements recently as Google works to forever improve their services to marketers.

9. Google Calendar

This tool is great for marketing because it gives notifications when deadlines are coming up. You can put in reminders such as the end of an ad or the need for a weekly blog. You’ll get a notification on your computer when projects are due. Additionally, you can share your calendar with anyone around the world. It’s perfect for satellite offices.

10. Google Double Click Ad Planner

When you need quick demographics or traffic information, you need Google Double Click Ad Planner. This works really well with larger websites, where you can find out a great deal about visitors. You’ll get statistics such as the average gender, age, household income, education, interests, other sites visited and keyword searches for your visitors.

11. Google Insights

This tool allows for a search for which keyword trends are happening over time. You’ll be able to recognize the popular keywords, notice worldwide trends in searching over a year’s time to find seasons of searches, view search volume regionally, and view the top ten searches and rising searches.

12. Google Places

Your local business can show up before the organic results in a search. This is sometimes due to Google Places. Make sure you add or claim your business’s listing here, complete the profile, add some photos and grab some reviews from your customers to make it to the front page.

13. Google+

This is the latest entry into the social networking world, and it’s been quite successful for Google. It is not only a growing social network, it is built into nearly every aspect of anything that is Google. You can now rank higher than before when you are connected to this network.

14. Google +1 Button

+1 counts are showing up in the search results, so make sure you’ve got a Google +1 button on the website and attached to the content. It will be easier to share things on Google+ and increase the social engagement numbers. Additionally, when your site gets +1’ed, that person’s connections might be able to see it higher in their search results.

15. Google Translate

Do you market across the globe? Use Google Translate to help you with this. When you’re sending a newsletter to Quebec and you don’t speak any French, run it through the translator. You’ll impress your French customers and gain more of a following.

16. Google Trends

This tool offers an array of information. Popular searches, Google Insights data for keywords, and trends in traffic for websites when you search for certain domains are all available here. You can enter multiple queries at the same time for traffic comparison.

17. Google Webmaster Tools

This free product will deliver a very large amount of data to you. If you’ve already installed Analytics, the jump to Webmaster Tools is not that far. You can get site health, site configuration, site optimization and site traffic through this tool.

18. Google (Owned) YouTube

Today’s marketer must not forget the videos. Begin with Google-owned YouTube. Your video will become available to everyone on YouTube and hold some serious real estate in the search engines. You will have better luck getting on the first page when you add some videos.

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