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Small Business Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Marketing is essential for any small business to thrive and there is no reason to feel overwhelmed by it. Just because you might not have as big of a marketing budget as some of the big boys doesn’t mean you cant still win and do big things. On average it’s recommended to invest at least 10% of your small business gross revenue back into marketing.

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Below are some of the essential online and offline small business marketing strategies to use in order to drive traffic and get more customers. (SEO is the #1 priority, but the rest are in no specific order)

SEO – Implementing this solution correctly will be a sure way to increase website visitors and get more business. Your business is unique, but it’s hard to get noticed among the vast number of other businesses on the internet. With a customized SEO campaign, web traffic is able to find that one business they need… that would be you!.

Social Media – Everyone has a social media account of some kind so  it only makes sense to engage with your customers where they are talking. Social media  plays an increasingly important role in small business marketing. On Facebook, Google+, and other social networks, businesses can not only alert customers on sales and products, but provide value and show a human side to what you do.

Contests, Giveaways, and Offers – Give an incentive for both your current + potential customers to get or do something in return for something of value that your company offers.

Networking – A good old school method never changes – face to face networking is a great way  to introduce yourself to other businesses and groups your company resides in. Who knows you might also be able to barter with someone for a service or product and offer something in return not necessarily money.

Direct Mail – Sending out mailings is an oldie but goodie as far as marketing goes. You can mail out flyers introducing your company and include a discount to intrigue customers to visit your business.

Radio – Ask radio stations in your area if you can come in to promote your company. You might even be able to do this right over the phone as a quick shout-out.

Pay Per Click – Also known as Search Engine Marketing, PPC makes a lot of sense to small businesses because you can target the customers who have intent to purchase and  are looking for exactly what you offer. Whether it’s through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Display Advertising this marketing channel can be a huge driver of new business if done right.

Email Marketing – If used correctly, a good email campaign can provide huge returns on your investment. Your email list is a great way to promote your message to those interested in your offerings and present them with a compelling call to action.

Local Listings – Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare etc.  – There are many people who use these sites to find business services in their area.  On top of that claiming and optimizing your local listings and profiles on these sites can significantly  assist your SEO efforts.

Website – Building a website these days is super easy, the challenge is to build a website that generates business and drives new business.

Blog – This keeps people up to date on your company and anything new you may have coming out. Also its a huge boost to your SEO efforts.

Follow these marketing strategies above and you’re on your way to getting more customers and more traffic. If you are looking to have experts take care of this for you then contact us and learn how our Small Business Marketing strategies can put you on top.

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  2. I’ve used most of the small business marketing ideas above. Also Print ads in college newspapers since my client is near a university. Often small businesses can get deals on advertisements so don’t forget to negotiate.

    peter – Small Business Consulting

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