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Using SMB Digital Marketing and Digital Branding To Explain Your Company’s Origin Story

One of the ways in which smb digital marketing is leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs and small companies without access to the deep pockets enjoyed by conglomerates is by making it much easier–not to mention cheaper–to get those wonderfully unique and personal stories behind the business out. You no longer need the kind of money it takes to buy commercial time for event television like the Super Bowl or Academy Awards to introduce millions of potential customers to that fascinating biography behind your products or services.

Do you have a great story to tell? If that story a heartwarming tale about overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles to achieve success? Is your story one that fires up the imagination of the little guy everywhere by reminding them that even today David can still beat Goliath? Every business has a story behind it. Sometimes that story appeals to customers in a way that traditional advertising of products and services does not.

If there is an inspiring story behind the establishment of your business and you are not using digital marketing to tell that story, you are potentially wasting the most valuable assets at your disposal. You can use all the many tools available for digital marketing to mythologize that story. It doesn’t even need to be an example of overt marketing.

Getting an inspiring or heartwarming origin story isn’t about digital branding. Your story may not be inspiring enough to become part of a branding strategy. That story should be detailed on your website. Customers that want to know exactly what drove you to go up against all the odds of success can learn everything there.

Social media is a great smb digital marketing channel to tailor your story to specific instances. When your origin story aligns with something trending on Twitter or exploding all over Facebook, then you should not hesitate to capitalize on all that white noise. The same thing goes for any news event that touches upon your backstory.

Digital marketing also means e-books and YouTube and a wealth of outlets for telling your unique story that small business owners could only have dreamed about just a couple of decades ago. A particularly inspiring story filled with enough event and character could become an e-book giveaway to customers or business partners. The channels for distribution of the events that led you to where you are today begin to expand in seemingly endless ways once you start thinking about using digital marketing not just for selling your services or products, but for selling your own personal mythology.

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