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SMB Email Marketing Tips For Low Spam Counts

SMB email marketing allows you to convey messages, announce products, and promote events to huge number of inboxes at once., all the while providing valuable analytics like click rate and open rate, as well providing sophisticated lists and de-duping of names that occur twice. The way that an email service provider (ESP) allows you to send well beyond the typical limits is by maintaining impeccably low spam reports. They hold their participating clients to a high standard, and often review or even expel those who abuse the service and spam their recipients. It’s a delicate balance to build your outbound marketing while still staying under the spam radar, and these 5 steps will help you make it through just fine.

1) Update Lists Frequently – Most spam reports come from people who have been on your email lists for over a year. Even if they subscribed in the first place, your service is probably no longer relevant to them and they’re probably sick of seeing the same marketing material recycled over the years. Keeping your lists fresh by periodically removing contacts that are over a year old will work wonders toward sharpening your SMB email marketing and staying safe from spam.

2) Offer an unsubscribe button – Giving recipients the option to unsubscribe from your SMB email marketing campaigns is a very effective way to reduce your spam count. People who see the unsubscribe button right next to the spam button will only click spam if they are truly annoyed. When they know that a simple click of the button on the unsubscribe tab will rid them of all future correspondence, they’re far more likely to do so rather than click spam.

3) Limit exclamations!!!!! – Including six exclamation points in a row is poor form regardless of the place or time, but it is especially damaging in an email marketing campaign. Overuse of exclamation points, and ALL CAPS in the subject raise red flags for users, and for third party email providers as well. Keep your emails clean and classy and avoid spam reports. Exclamations should be limited to one per paragraph, and absolutely limited to one after a word.

4) Keep link to text ratio reasonable – Another red flag for spam is an email that is majority anchor text. Of course you want your recipients to click through to your website, and you should be sure to include relevant links. Don’t, however, flood your text with links. It will turn the reader off and raise a red flag for those on the lookout for spam emails. Entice your readers to click through with engaging content and language. Avoid forcing the links on them in your email marketing pieces.

5) Don’t send to referral emails – It’s never a good idea to include email addresses like or These clearly indicate that you don’t have a personal relationship with your mailing lists, and that you might just be shooting blindly toward businesses whose employees you’d like to show your emails to. It’s best practice not to include these sort of email addresses if you’re looking to limit your spam reports.

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