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Try Out Blogging for Small Business Marketing

You thought that your website was enough for online small business marketing. But it looks like you’re going to need a blog as well, if only to keep up with all the competitors who have one. You’re just uncertain that you can devote the time and energy to make it an effective tool. To find out if blogging can work for you, try it out first as follows.

  1. Be a guest writer on someone else’s blog. You can then discover how readers respond to what you have to say. Find the blog of a business that complements but doesn’t compete with yours. One example: if you sell light bulbs, then a lamp company would be perfect. If the site does not have guidelines for guest writers, ask the website owner for permission to post. Then study the current entries for clues to content and style. When you write your post, ask a question that readers have to answer in comments. You can gauge from the responses whether people respond to what you have to say.
  2. You may have to write for several blogs to gauge the effectiveness of your posts. But if you’re getting good responses, it’s time to develop a stand-alone blog. Select a template from one of the free platforms, such as WordPress or Blogger, and choose options for colors, fonts, and layout. Then write several articles before making your efforts public. Don’t forget to add links between your blog and company website. Then tell your current customers where to find your posts.
  3. If the stand-along blog is effective, it’s time to integrate it with your current business website. That way, your readers don’t have to leave your company site to view your entries. For integration, you’ll need the professional help that we can provide unless you’re an expert at coding website. Otherwise, you’re blog may look like an afterthought that’s pasted on your company web pages.

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