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Useful Small Business Marketing Tools for Android Users

Small business marketing used to be about filling up a Rolodex with contact information of as many people who could help as possible. Not any more. You probably don’t even have a Rolodex; heck some small business owners likely don’t even know what a Rolodex is. What they do know is the value of a useful app for their smartphone. Downloading the right small business marketing app to your Android phone or tablet puts you in your office whenever you need to be there. Even if you are a thousand miles away.

Mass Group Text SMS Marketing

Does your small business marketing plan require sending out 5,000 text messages in 60 minutes? Probably not, but think how useful this Android app would be if you found yourself in a situation where such a task was all that stood between you and taking things to the next level? Mass Group Text SMS Marketing from Business Texter Inc. is designed especially for small to midsize businesses and is ideal for those interested in exploring the possibilities of promotional texting as a marketing strategy. Or, for that matter, any small business that needs to get marketing information out to a large number of people in a very short period of time.

Marketing Plan and Strategy

Tutorials are one thing and this Android app offers plenty of those. So do other Android tools for small business marketing. What sets Alex Genadinik’s Marketing Plan and Strategy apart from many other smartphone apps for small business owners is the inclusion of a live question function that guarantees a personalized answer to your marketing questions within 48 hours from experienced professional. Those who already have a marketing plan and strategy and just need some tweaking as well as small business startups who don’t even know how to draw up an initial plan or devise a strategy can all seek help at the touch of a screen.


Even if you are not excited about it, the future of small business marketing is already here and that future is one in which you had better at least be willing to to keep in touch with what is going on in social media. Feedly may not necessarily be marketed itself under the banner of business tools, but you may be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective Android app for marketing. What is Feedly? In that world of social media, Feedly is one of the leading examples of what is known as an aggregator. With this one elegant app your smartphone can hunt down and bring to you every mention of the marketing keyword of your choice that is found on everywhere on the internet from the most narrowly focused of blogs to CNN, from barely-watched videos on YouTube to the most popular shows on Hulu and everything in-between. No matter what the business, your marketing can only benefit from a FREE download of this Android app.

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